All day, I think about user experience. I create wireframes and worry over making every interaction on the site I’m designing intuitive. I often scoff at disorganized interfaces that don’t put information or controls where the user needs them. In my personal life, however, I seem to do things in the most unintuitive way possible. I have […]

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Life LessonUI/UX

Getting a product design job can feel like a marathon. You’ve spent weeks updating your portfolio site with fresh project stories, hours scrolling through (very similar) job postings, and paced 1,000’s of Fitbit steps around your home during phone screens. Finally, there’s an in-person interview on the calendar. Time to panic.


Clean. Simple. Delightful. These are words designers like to use to describe the work they aspire to do. Unfortunately, these are not usually words you would use to describe a billing transaction spreadsheet. Or a complicated product spec comparison table. Or an analytics dashboard. So what do you do when it’s your job to design these […]