I love shortcuts, Sketch plugins, browser extensions and generally anything that’ll help me be more efficient with work. But it takes time to try out new stuff and really get it integrated with your workflow. You have to install it, set it up (if needed) and figure out how to use it. Then there’s actually getting yourself to use it when you’ve been doing something the manual or round-a-bout way the whole time so you’re used to it. Well, I took some time to install some Sketch plugins I’d been meaning to check out for a while, and I must say it was worth the time.

Symbol Organizer

This is one that I didn’t know I needed until I had it. You know how Sketch places all new symbols in single row that goes as far as the eye can see? So then you try to be a good person and organize them, but trying to click the names of the teeny-tiny icons is so frustrating you just give up in a fit of rage to go drown your sadness in a Lime La Croix and cheddar whales? Is that just me?

This plugin will make that all go away. Symbol Organizer takes all of your symbols and rearranges them by name and group. You can also specify how many rows/columns you want, how far apart they should be and if you want to remove any unused symbols. Organization station, here we come!

Sketch Plugin - Symbol Organizer Before Image
Before, a long string of symbols that makes no sense.
Sketch Plugin - Symbol Organizer Modal Image
The options modal is where you tell it how you want everything organized.
Sketch Plugin - Symbol Organizer After Image
… and after! All components grouped together and 10 unused symbols removed!

Find and Replace

A very straightforward, very powerful plugin. You search for a keyword or phrase and it’ll replace it. The options are pretty robust and give you maximum control over what you’re finding, where and how you want to replace it. For those times when the startup you’re working for can’t decide what the company name should be…

Note: It doesn’t seem to work within symbols, which is a bummer cause I’m all about those reusable components.

Sketch Plugin - Find and Replace Modal Image
Check out the control you get over your find and replace!


I’m a bit obsessive about the object spacing in my files. I like to keep it consistent and even, both for my own sanity but also the sanity of my developers. So when the system you use is in increments of 4, that can be a bit difficult when the default big nudge in Sketch is 10px. I got pretty used to hitting Shift+Arrow+2 small nudges back or forward (depending on if I was looking for a spacing of 8px or 12px). So when this one came up at the recommendation of co-worker, I was pretty stoked.

Sketch Plugin - Nudge Modal Image
Now I can set my own defaults for the big and small nudges in Sketch. Woo!

Craft by Invision

I saved this one for last because I’m sure you’ve already installed it and either love it or hate it. There are few features in there that I use and can’t imagine my day without, and others that are just too buggy to be really useful. Here are a few of my favorites.

Invision Sync (Beta)

This one changed my life. You select which artboards you want to sync  (or sync all boards on a page), select the project from Invision and boom, it syncs. Sometimes it’ll mis-fire, but just trying again usually works. Much easier than exporting artboards as PNGs then going to Invision and uploading them manually. I also prefer not to store my Sketch files in Invision, so this a great alternative.

Sketch Plugin - Craft by Invision Sync Modal Image
Super easy, just pick your project and sync!

Duplicate Content from Web

You can load any webpage and copy content from it in one click. Just select the piece of text or object (rectangle, circle, etc.) then click the content you want to fill it with from the site and it’ll automatically fill it. This has been so amazing for getting real content to use in my mocks.

With text, it only grabs the single paragraph not the whole body of text, which is kind of annoying… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But you can still copy-and-paste from it which so much easier than going back-and-forth from the browser to Sketch.

Double Note: Holding CMD lets you navigate the page in this browser. It took me longer than I care to admit to figure this out, even though IT’S ON THE PLUGIN.

Sketch Plugin - Craft by Invision Copy from Web Modal Image
You can even bookmark (star) pages you go to often for quick access.

More Sketch Resources

One of the great things about Sketch is how lightweight of a tool it is. You can add plugins and extensions to customize to your needs and only add the features you actually use. I’m always looking for new ways to improve my workflow, what are your favorite Sketch plugins?

Sketch App Plugins I’m Loving

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