Ever get to the office and you just aren’t feeling it? Whether this UX problem just isn’t as interesting as it was yesterday, you’re trudging through a thick meeting schedule or you can’t get motivated to start the UI for this new feature, we’ve all been there. Finding a way to kick your butt into gear can be difficult, but you’re not alone. Today we’ve rounded up our best advice for falling back in ❤️️ with your work day.


Go look at some of your favorite inspiration sites, seeing other people’s amazing work helps me remember why I wanted to be a designer in the first place! When you find yourself lost in the day to day (not so fun) design work it’s hard to remember that you do this job because you actually LOVE IT and are GOOD AT IT!

Sarah Cottle, Experience designer


Sometimes you just get stuck. When I feel like I can’t design or think about another freaking user flow, I go into cleaning mode! I Clorox my desk from top to bottom, clear all of the rotten coffee mugs off, organize my notes, and start fresh. I also get a fresh cup of coffee! I feel this gives me the satisfaction of accomplishment… even though it does’t prepare me for that 10am meeting.

Molly Francis, Lead Product Designer


When I get worn down by too many stressful meetings and doing design work that feels unexciting, I try to look at the design problem I’m working on like it’s new. With a new project in front of me, my mind is running at top speed, coming up with possible solutions and cool interactions to try. Clearing my brain of all the built up cruft around a problem and tackling it with new eyes helps me come up with better ideas. That feeling is why I love being a designer.

– Camri Hinkie, Product Designer


Sometimes, I have stress dreams about all the complex UX problems I need to solve, and it’s really draining on the brain. It’ll take me FOREVER to think of a good solution and I think — maybe I’m not cut out for this job. When this happens, I try to take my mind off of the problem. I’ll play a board game or watch YouTube videos to take my mind off of things. Then, I can come back with a fresh mind to tackle the problem.

Monica Chow, Product Designer


When I’m having a rough day and feel like nothing is coming together, I turn to music. I put on a badass playlist (right now I’m jamming the Ultimate Covers playlist on Spotify) and power through some work I’ve probably been dreading (cleaning up files, exporting assets, consolidating some documentation, etc.). The sense of accomplishment I feel helps me get my groove back. I can get over myself and tackle the bigger projects.

Jamie Aucoin, Designer


Getting stuck as a designer feels like a right of passage. It’s inevitable and yet just one more problem to solve. One thing I’ve found that’s helpful for me is to take a day and work at home (if possible). The open work space is great for collaboration but the distractions can become overwhelming. Having a quiet space allows me the chance to rip apart the problem at hand, make some mistakes, but best of all find some clarity with out feeling like I have a looming crowd hovering over my shoulder.

Kim Sullivan, Product Designer


Take it one day at time and remember a relationship worth having requires hard work. How do you rekindle your relationship with your work? Tell us about it in the comments!

Fall back in love with your work day

Jamie Aucoin

Designer @ Spiceworks

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