Thanksgiving has ended, and we will continue the season of eating giving with Christmas coming up in only three and a half weeks! To get you guys ready for the holidays, I’ve put together a list of gift ideas for your design loving friends.


  1. CMYK Playing Cards are great for your graphic design & game-night-loving friends.
  2. If you’re a high roller, and would like to gift an iPad Pro, I’ll be your friend! The iPad Pro is a great tool for quick sketches and wireframes. You could also drop some hints for a loved one to buy this for you **ahemhusband**
  3. Everyone loves a great Tattly tattoo. This skin Pantone tattoo is awesome.
  4. Your UX/Product/Web designing friends will love this wireframing stencil. Help them save time on their sketches by giving them an array of wireframing tools offered at UI Stencils.
  5. These Tutti Frutti colored pencils by the great Louise Fili have been on my wishlist forever. Great typography on the packaging combined with quality colored pencils – what more can you ask for?
  6. Get your designer friend an ultimate pass to UI8. This will give them 1 year unlimited access to all 609 design resources from UI kits to fonts.
  7. I’ve been pining over Copic Markers ever since I saw an illustrator using on Instagram. They are top quality markers that come in a variety of colors. They will also make sketching and wireframing so much more fun.
  8. I like to do my preliminary wireframe sketches in a dot grid sketchbook. The dot grid sketchbooks at provides structure without overwhelming the page with graph lines.

Now that I’ve given you a list of 8 gift ideas for your designer friend, get on it!! Christmas will be here before you know it, and you need to get your gifts now! What are some other great gift ideas? Let us know in the comments below.



2016 Holiday Gift Ideas for Designers

Monica Chow

Product Designer @ Lithium

Category: Roundup

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