It’s that time of week again! The weather is getting cooler here in Austin, and we can finally wear long pants and sleeves again. Go outside enjoy that beautiful mid 70s weather while you read these awesome links we’ve found this week.

Invision+Jira Game Changer!!

Invision and Atlassian have worked together to create a Invision+Jira plugin that encourages better working partnerships between designers and developers. It allows designers to include a prototype as well as development specs directly to a Jira issue. Combining tools that design and development teams are already using makes it easy to integrate into an existing work process.

invision and jira plugin

Now This is Team Work

The biggest names in tech, Google, Apple, Microsoft and Adobe have joined forces to fix a problem with rendering fonts on different devices. They worked together to create an infrastructure for variable fonts — allowing designers amazing flexibility on weight, size, corners and many other attributes. A variable font combines an entire font family of weights and styles into one single small font file. Here’s an example that Erik van Blokland created to demonstrate the adjustability of a variable font.


Data Visualization pr0n

I’m obsessed with Xiaoxue(Ellie) Zhang’s visualization of import and export levels of food in different states. The different weighted lines clearly show the variable volume of import/exports. The ability to click into each state’s information is intuitive. Also, I can’t stop staring at this gif.

food flow data visualization

Perspective Hack

Um, hello! I feel like a dummy now for using a ruler in art school.

Perspective drawing with thin string:)

A video posted by reza asgaripour (@architectdrw) on

Serial Entrepreneur: A Talk with Natalie Davis

Natalie Davis is an amazing designer, entrepreneur, artist, leather worker and educator based in Austin (I can say from personal experience that she is one the best design teachers ever – always expecting the best work possible from her students). Not only is she the founder and owner of Canoe, she’s also the design director of Salt & Time Butcher Shop and Salumeria. For all you local Austinites, Natalie will be sharing her extensive knowledge and advice at a Bossbabes event next week on October 23 from 3-4pm at Fair Market. Go check it out!



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