October is here! Time to bust out the decorative gourds 🎃 and individually wrapped candies 🍬! Grab your pumpkin spice latte ☕ and take in this weeks’ link round-up.

Love these 5 tips for getting your creative juices flowing. “Artist dates” are something I need to get up on.

Heroku shares how they make being a majority remote team work. The secret? It just takes some planning and a little effort.

“The best things come out of being a little bit weird.” Wise words from #techlady Youngna Park, Head of Product at Tinybop.

Great bit of satire explaining “How to pretend you’re a great designer” from Pablo Stanley over at The Design Team. The illustrations are also pretty amazing.

This “wine time” t-shirt from Oui Fresh is perfect for Halloween… or any time of year really. 🍷

If this piece of furniture, called “The Inchworm,” were in my home, I’d probably never make it to my actual bed. Created by Alexandra Knyazevoy, a student of Furniture Design at Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry.

I don’t really think of cleaning as a “mood booster,” but I must admit I do feel better in a clean space. Here are 5 things you can do in your home improve your mood. ✨

Data Mining Reveals How The “Down-Vote” Leads To A Vicious Circle Of Negative Feedback.

A very inspiring and motivating interview with Meg Robichaud, Illustrator and Designer at Shopify is up on Ways We Work.

Show your pet love without the pain with these “dogs” and “cats” knuckle tattoo pins from Reppin.

Sticker Mule did a sticker contest over on Dribbble last month, and I just love this submission from Anna Gloth.

So what are y’all dressing as for Halloween this year!?! 👻 Tell us in the comments!

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