Happy post-Labor Day 🇺🇸 short work week! Here are some links to tide you over until you can work on your side projects when you get home tonight.

More Sketch App tips and tricks to get you through the week.

A typographic exploration of America’s National Parks.

Interesting read about the origin of the peace symbol (or Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament).

I wish my wireframes looked this happy.

[The writer and editor relationship is] a mutually rewarding relationship where the writer can advise on what needs to be said, and the editor can advise on the best way to say it.

Jeremy Sorese is doing awesome illustrations with what appear to be crayons and/or color pencils 🖍. I can write my name pretty well, so that’s nice.

Such a soothing animation to wind down the summer 🌞.

As someone who is always trying to organize and simplify, sometimes you have to remind yourself that “Rome wasn’t built in a day“.

Holy moly, the mind is crazy thing. I can’t imagine hitting my head and waking up being able to play the piano 🎹.

I would totes tote this tote around. Bonus, they design and screen print all of their own prints!

How cool are these beer cans for Fourpure Brewing Co.? Abstract, geometric, love.

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