It’s the final days of summer! School-wise that is, all the kiddos are back in the halls and parents are back on the roads clogging up our morning routines. Grab a cup of coffee ☕ while you wait for traffic to die down and check out this weeks’ link round-up.

All of the left turns from Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

Every time we’re interrupted, fatty neurological threads stop sewing and don’t start up again until we’ve fully regained focus.

Loving these spot illustrations from AQ studio, so many are spot on for life with a pet at home.

I would totally sport this cat koozie, as a bonus it’s eerily similar to my own cat 😻.

Smith & Diction created an awesome identity for Rail Park in Philadelphia. How cool is that enamel pin?

Some interesting examples of fixed backgrounds on websites.

Giant phone shaped whiteboards to hang in your office, or wherever.

Loving this cat x-ray necklace 🐈, definitely a statement piece.

Bob Ross’ hair was actually straight 😲.

I like Netflix, but sometimes I just want to watch “whatever’s on” at the end of a work day. Having Netflix “channels” would be great idea.

The mix of materials in Rosa Pietsch work is just beautiful. I love how she combines resin and laster-cutting to create geometric and organic works of art that you can wear.

What are your finds from the week?

Wednesday Link Round-up

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Designer @ Spiceworks

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