Another week has flown by and that means it’s link round-up time. Grab a cup of joe ☕ and dig in!

How fun is this Play More Dog Art exhibition for dogs!

Great perspective from a Mom who codes from Stephanie Denny.

Inside the surreal home of artists Marion Peck and Mark Ryden.

I don’t get excited about movies often, but Girl Asleep looks like something I’d go out of my way to see.

Great guide to food photography 📸 using your phone from Aimee over at Food Banjo (also check out their Instagram if you just want to drool over awesome food photography).

Every time I fly on a plane I say “next time I’ll get a neck pillow” for sleeping on the plane. I never do. But I might just cave and get one of these cute bear neck pillows to brighten my next trip!

As an avid list maker, I’m definitely paying attention to this idea of scheduling rather than listing my todos. I won’t be making any sweeping changes, but I’m definitely listening…

If you want something to be seen and used, don’t make people look for it. Put it where they’re already looking.” – Julie Zhuo

I love seeing the sketches behind the projects. I wish more designers (myself included!) would do this.

Very cool illustrations from Karolis Strautniekas.

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Wednesday Link Round-up

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