Dribbble is a pretty controversial subject around the design community; some people love it and others think it’s a waste. Just do a search for Dribbble over on Medium and you’ll see what I mean (I’m sure you already do). But I’m not here to talk about that, I find tremendous value in their community and am able to find inspiration for a variety of situations. Did you know there are illustrators on there? Typographers? Package designers? Yea, I know. Crazy. There’s so much there to see and get inspired by. So, here are a few of my favorites, sorted by specialty (😉 obvi).


Lauri Johnston • Katherine Rainey • Matt Varner • Christopher P. Cacho • Lauren Dickens


Lauren Beltramo • Emily Holt • Bryan B. Butler • Lucie Rice • Jakob Scott


Michael Pons • Cam Macbeth • Amit Jakhu • Hanna Jung • Anna Hofmanova


The Good Folks Co. • The Australian Graphic Supply Co. • Thoughtbot • Cratejoy • Foxtrot Bravo Alpha

Hopefully you found some #fridayinspiration in there. Who are your favorites that I should be following? Tweet them to me!

20 Dribbblers to Get Inspired By

Jamie Aucoin

Designer @ Spiceworks

Category: Roundup

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