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Today’s theme for the link roundup is, “Making life better and awesome.”

👀 below to find internet things to help you save money, get organized, find a movie to watch, make your products more accessible, and print animated gifs. What a time to be alive.

Just chill.

Paralyzed by the sheer number of choices on Netflix?  AndChill.io is a chat bot that will pick something for you to watch when you tell it what kind of movie you like. It works pretty well actually.


The accessibility checklist

We know accessibility is important for digital products, but sometimes it’s hard to make it a priority. This handy checklist from Vox Media helps each person involved in a product keep accessibility in mind.


Don’t panic.

I have about 1,373,780 tabs open at any time. Sharing my screen in meetings gets…awkward. This Chrome extension closes all but one of your tabs at once, and then restores them in one click!


Deux what you have teux deux.

I’ve used Teux Deux (by Swiss Miss Tina Roth Eisenberg) for a couple of years. It’s super simple, beautiful and helps you make a to-do list for every aspect of life.


Give the gift of gif.

Gifpop brings animated .gifs to the physical world using lenticular printing. Just upload your gif, “crop” the motion down to size and order your gif cards. Oh the possibilities!


Audible credits = 💸💸💸

Overdrive is an app that syncs with your local public library’s catalogue of ebooks and audiobooks, and allows you to download them to your phone for the borrow period. The best part: It’s free! (I mean, you’re actually already paying for them through taxes or whatever.)


Got something you’ve found that makes life better or awesom-er? Tell us about it in the comments or on Twitter.

Wednesday Link Round-up

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