Even though it feels like the world is getting more divided every day, one thing that many people have in common is the love they have for their children. No matter what race, language or culture, parents are doing their best to provide what they can for their kids. Here at The Sixbees, we want to show you why our parents are awesome and share some of their most impactful life lessons.


6799632837_2bd36a78e0_oI remember as a kid, working on school projects, we didn’t necessarily always have the right supplies at home. Rather than run out and buy a bunch of stuff we didn’t need, my Dad would always tell us to “do the best you can with what you’ve got.” I didn’t always like this response, but growing up with that mentality got me through pretty much anything school could throw at me. You learn to be creative with your solutions, and use whatever you have around you. Understanding that sometimes you don’t need to have a top-of-the-line whatever or even the right gauge of yarn to start that project. It removes a lot of roadblocks that would normally prevent you from executing whatever idea you have. Even today, when an idea strikes me, and I don’t have quite the right tools, I’ll try to make it work anyway. There’s plenty of time down the road to upgrade or buy that fancy new tool that you absolutely need and will totally use every day.


1524934_10202801476022545_1142454547_nMy parents always allowed me to pursue my passion without making me feel I was making wrong decisions.  If they hadn’t been so supportive in allowing me to go back to college for a second degree in Web Design and Development, I wouldn’t have been able to start my career in design.  The fact that I love what I’m doing everyday and get excited to go to work, is all because they’ve helped me get the education I needed! Thanks mom and dad xxoo!


10885256_10205787347830884_633661368740797518_nWhen I graduated high school, I remember thinking about what I wanted to major in. My older brother was close to graduating with a degree in Graphic Design. It didn’t take long to decide to follow in his footsteps. My parents were paying for my school, and I know it was probably a little worrisome to have two children majoring in “Art”. Despite this, my parents supported us all of the way! Thank you mom and dad for believing in us.


Parents-day-camriMy parents did a few important things when I was growing up:

  1. They made me feel like I could try for and achieve anything.
  2. They talked to me about practical things like insurance and 401k since before I was even in high school.
  3. They showed me it’s ok to be weird sometimes.

For that, I’ll always be grateful.


Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 9.47.42 PMMy grandpa was 6′ tall when I was little, and his towering height use to frighten me. Sadly, I can’t really remember anything about him besides the stories I hear. I do know that he passed down most of his artistic endeavors to me and my sister. I can’t recall anybody else in my family who built and used a basement darkroom, owned a type library and operated his own printing press. He kept bees and collected Audubon bird paintings among other things. I like to think we would have a lot talk about these days, and I’m glad my sister and I picked up where he left off.


10515327_10202802453222744_4403511634203781757_oGrowing up, my parents always stressed it was important to enjoy what you do. There’s no point to making a lot of money if you’re miserable every day. Even to this day, my dad, a geophysicist, always gets excited talking about rock formations and seismic waves. I can’t even count how many times I’ve had impromptu lessons about stones and how they formed. Because of his example, I get the same nerd-like excitement about fonts and user testing. Hopefully, one day, I’ll be able to show my kids how much I enjoy what I do.

As you can see, some of the most influential people in our lives are our parents. It’s amazing how much our parents have sacrificed for us without losing their sanity in the process. For that, we’d like to say “Thank you!”


Why Our Parents are Awesome

Monica Chow

Product Designer @ Lithium

Category: Life Lesson

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