The all-encompassing act of redesigning your portfolio feels daunting. What do I show? Where are those files? Why did I design this like this?! Should I include old work just to “beef” it up? What was I thinking? Which platform should I choose? Should I develop it myself?”Oh wait, Game of Thrones is on…

Your portfolio is your baby.

I think we’ve all redesigned our portfolio a number of times through the years, and it comes with a jolt of motivation and sometimes a hint of discouragement each time. Your portfolio is your baby. It’s a story you tell to the community about what you can make, how you make it, who you make it for, and what’s rattling inside your brain the whole time you spend making it. As a designer, it can be a crucial part of branding yourself, getting future work, and cementing your mark within the industry.

While we think we might not be able to just get it done, we can! These portfolios represent awesome work and, above all, thoughtful process. They’re great reminders that designers are smart, articulate, talented, and, of course, never sleep.


Klare Frank



Dejan Markovic



Cai Davies



Marchello Manso



Jesse Chase


I’m hoping to start refreshing my portfolio sometime soon but know the challenge ahead that I face. These sites are all good reminders that even when the clock stops at work, it still keeps going the minute we get home. How do you go about creating your portfolio?

5 Drool Worthy Portfolio Sites

Kim Sullivan

Product Designer @ HomeAway

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