I’ve been obsessed interested in enamels for the last year or so. There are so many amazing ones out there have “that’s me” written all over them. It’s been really difficult to not buy every single one, but I want to be selective with my collection so that I’m able to actually wear and enjoy all of the ones I have. That hasn’t stopped me from saving every single one to Pinterest (pinception!!!). Here’s a few that I’ve found that I think say “I’m a designer.”

1. This classic Photoshop toolbar will give you all the nostalgic feels.

2. Gotta get those creative juices flowing so drink more beer!

3. Give a shout out to the original helper bot, Clippy.

4. Show off your cultured side with this minimalist squiggle.

5. No one will question your love for the lead with a pencil on your lapel.

6. One of the most adored characters amongst designers, the ampersand.

7. If you work in an office, you more than likely have a fridge (and desk) filled with LaCroix cans.

8. If you live in Texas, it’s, probably, actually Topo bottles.

9. Don’t let people forget that print is still alive with this CMYK pin.

10. The classic rainbow Apple logo. If the rainbow is too much for your wardrobe, it also comes in a more modern white.

11. You probably start your day off right with a fresh cup out of your french press because you’re not a heathen.

12. Someday your apartment will contain a reproduction of this classic, the Eames Lounge Chair.

13-15. Give your team members the recognition they deserve with these camp style badges.

16. Words to never forget.

17. But really, be kind.

18. The day doesn’t really start without coffee.

19. The question every designer asks themselves throughout every day, for every project. Why?

20. Don’t ever forget to save.

If you want to see even more pins, go check out my Pin Board on Pinterest. How strong is your pin game? Show us your flair in the comments!

20 Awesome Enamel Pins for Designers

Jamie Aucoin

Designer @ Spiceworks

Category: Roundup

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