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This heat advisory is killing us here in Texas. Everyone should either stay home in the comfort of a/c, or sit by the pool and work on your tan. Both of which can give you some time to catch up on our links of the week!

I’ve been researching some photo editor SDKs to integrate into the product I’m working on. Aviary SDK and PhotoEditor SDK by are two of the most feature rich that I’ve come across. PhotoEditor SDK is a little more customizable for your needs, but both integrate seamlessly into desktop, Android and iOS.

This book, Agile UX in the Enterprise, by UXPin has been super helpful to me. Instead of discussing idealized situations, this book gives practical advice that can be applied to the real world.

Looking for a javascript date range picker plugin? Here’s a great one by Improvely. It’s based off of the Bootstrap date selector which Improvely customized for their needs.

If you work with color a lot, ColorHexa is a great resource. Just input a hexcode and they’ll provide you with amazing information like color conversions, color schemes, color blindness simulator and more!

Analytics Dashboards provide users with a lot of live data that’s constantly changing. Highcharts is a great plugin that makes it easy for designers and developers to create interactive charts for both mobile and web.

Another great resource for Analytics Dashboards is Data Driven Documents. This has helped me explore different visualizations to display complex data.




Wednesday Link Round-up

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