Summer is in full swing! If you’re like me, don’t forget to slather on the SPFs when you go outside. Or just hide inside and top off your iced tea so you can get going on this week’s round-up of links.

Empty coffee cups are something I’ve definitely noticed in television — let’s get it together Hollywood. #EmptyCupAwards

Cooking in small batches can be challenging, most recipes are for family-size (or party-sized) portions. Dessert for Two is changing that by sharing recipes that are perfectly portioned for two. One for you, and one for me!

UK based Holly Wales is doing amazing illustrations with colored markers.

Google released a sort of new feature in Calendars to help you achieve and track your goals (yoga, once a week!), and they’re using illustration and color to help keep you motivated.

Quite a bit of awesome food history packed into 2.5 minutes!

Loving the retro, nautical-inspired branding for East Brothers Beer Co. by Good Beer Hunting.

How tasty is this avocado clutch by Betsey Johnson?

Very interesting mini-doc about the group Gorillaz and their genre breaking albums.

The GOAT mug is an interesting take on the travel coffee cup.

Ways We Work interview with Cap Watkins, VP of Design at BuzzFeed. Great read.

Ever wonder why LaCroix sparkling water is suddenly everywhere?

You’ll probably also need LaCroix lime flavor enamel pin to show the world your sparkling water addiction love 💕.

This Scribble pen ✍ is really interesting. You can scan colors from anything in real life, and it’ll create the color in ink. #technology

Designing To Maximize Conversion Rate: 14 Designers Talk Ecommerce Strategy with advice from our own Sarah!

Wednesday Link Round-up

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