The rain finally let up and sun is out! Summer is here! Oh yea, that means 100+ degree days and humidity out the wazoo. Oh well — let’s get lost in the internet. What are your favorite finds from this week?

This collection of short, animated videos and gifs is so fun! This one is my fave (for the obvious reason).

This was a nice read on understanding complex systems by starting with small ones.

Ugh, I have no need for another cooler, but this one is just so cute. AND it has a bottle opener on the side.

I’ve never heard of the broken window theory, but I found this write-up really interesting.

“A great product is the outcome of an excellent partnership between great designers and great developers.”

I can’t stop watching this donut GIF by Hayden Zezula. 0_0

This feature addition to Google Slides is a game changer for me. If they’d had something like this at any conference I’ve attended, I would’ve definitely asked more questions.

I don’t often wear jewelry, but this simple, geometric necklace from MissCAlexandria over on Etsy is calling to me.


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