From Bloody Mary recipes to EDC kits, get your weekly link fix…

I LOVE a good Bloody Mary, they’re one of my favorite breakfast (and lunch and dinner) drinks. This round-up of recipes from A Beautiful Mess makes me want to run out and have a Bloody Mary mixing party!

Normally I skip the intros for shows when I’m binging them on Netflix, but the title sequence for Archer is fun and retro always worth a watch.

These adventure log notebooks make me wish I were better at writing things down, especially on camping trips.

How cool are these furniture pieces that flatten into wall art?

Love this room illustration by Austin illustrator Julian Hector, his work is always so fun!

I found this Fresh Air interview with Sherman Alexie interesting and worth the sitting-in-my-car-even-though-I’m-already-home listen.

A friend sent me this great video that takes a look at the lasting impact of Calvin & Hobbes.

The movement and texture of these animated GIFs by Jay Keeree are so very soothing.

I might need to pick up one of these Essential EDC kits from Huckberry before my next adventure…

Wednesday Link Round-up

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