I love round-ups. They’re one of my favorite resources to get to the furthest reaches of the internet on a given topic or just a random day. So when we decided to start this blog, I knew my first post HAD to be a round-up. Take them and go forth into this glorious Wednesdsay-humpday.

Looking for some cute emoticons for your group chat? Here ya go!

Consistency across design files is the stuff dreams are made of–well, mine anyway. Here are some tips for keeping your Sketch projects on point.

I’ve been obsessed over lapel pins for the past few month, and I think I’m going to need to add this one to my collection for the summer.

BAGGU has definitely up’d their bag game. This circle purse has “me” written all over it.

This web-based text editing app seems really useful for easy writing and collaborating, AND it uses markup.

Ahhh! I want all of these pool floats for summer, and I don’t even have a pool.

Such a great collection of stories from people in the tech community.

I really like the idea of this but don’t know how it would handle the random tasks that popup throughout the day. I’ll have to attempt to implement this over the coming weeks. Also, the example app isn’t on Android yet. Le sigh.

I own this book, but here are 3 reasons why you should show your work from Austin Kleon.

Fascinating film about Cockerell marbling from the 1970s.

Wednesday Link Round-up

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