I, along with the other Bees, aspire to be a leading role in the fight for gender equality. Listening to some of the experiences from women in technology can sometimes feel like progress is stagnant. However, this week, I’ve been encouraged by the strong female voices speaking out for equality.  Here are a few things I’ve […]

Life Lesson

I never learned how to handle feedback in school because we were mostly just learning basic design principles and how to use the applications. Everything I’ve learned about what to do with feedback or criticism was learned on the job. None of my classmates ever brought up the weird color combinations or transitions I’d use, so […]

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Life LessonUI/UX

Getting a product design job can feel like a marathon. You’ve spent weeks updating your portfolio site with fresh project stories, hours scrolling through (very similar) job postings, and paced 1,000’s of Fitbit steps around your home during phone screens. Finally, there’s an in-person interview on the calendar. Time to panic.